My wine writing has been facilitated by a number of very kind people.


I am fortunate to have several excellent editors who have the rare gift of setting strong standards yet allowing an author to express himself freely.


I am blessed to have friends that have unselfishly shared their expertise and the bounties of their cellars. Among them are Jon and Rick Genderson (from Schneider’s of Capitol Hill in DC), Dr. Steve Shapiro, Joe Appelbaum, Scott Greenberg, Barry Glassman, David Waghelstein, and the irascible Ira Fisch.


And I am thankful that my daughter played soccer because now I can count as a friend and mentor Michael Franz, the outstanding wine critic and editor of WineReviewOnLine.


I am also honored that the eminent wine-writer and publicist, Jo Diaz, featured me in her blog:

Wine Writer Lou Marmon Has An Interesting Day Job
Many thanks as well to the many winemakers (and their distributors) that have shared their artistry.

Mostly I am grateful to have a wonderful family that tolerates the boxes, bottles, corks and time at the computer. I greatly appreciate your love and support. I hope it is as much fun for you as it is for me.