Kosher-For-Passover Wines Are Not Just For Sedarim

April 7, 2005

Dalton Winery

A review of some recently released Kosher Wines.

“Good kosher wine” is no longer an oxymoron. Due to increased demand for alternatives to the traditional sweet wines, the quality and variety of kosher wines has steadily improved. The wines available for this year’s Passover demonstrate that this trend is continuing. For a wine to be designated kosher, the wine-making equipment can only be utilized for kosher wines and only kosher materials can be used during production. Shabbat-observant Jews supervise the entire process and no artificial colorings or preservatives are added. Kosher wine which will be handled by non-Jews is briefly heated to make it meshuval. Using current techniques, this does not affect the quality of the wine. Wines certified “kosher for Passover” do not come into contact with any unleaven materials during production.

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Skilled Winemakers Produce Excellent Zinfandels

November 17, 2004

Kenwood Jack London Zinfandel

A review of some tasty Zinfandels.

If Bordeaux is a classical symphony, then Zinfandel is the Allman Brothers Band. Big, bold, quintessentially American and at times sublime, Zinfandel at its best has rich, lively fruit flavors with an earthy, spicy and sometimes peppery character. It is versatile, found in blends with other grapes or as a single vineyard bottling. And it also has been made into the slightly sweet white Zinfandel. But it is the red wine that has achieved remarkable heights during the past several years. Some can be aged for as long as 10 years; however, most Zins are drunk young, generally within five years after release. Usually they are affordable, but some Zins, such as Turley and Martinelli, have achieved “cult” status and you have to wait years to get on a mailing list to obtain a bottle.

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The Perfect Gift For A Dinner Party Host

December 11, 2003

Hanukkah wine suggestions.

Wine makes an excellent Hanukkah gift. Easily wrapped and portable, there are wines for all tastes: dry or sweet, bubbly or still, red, white or even pink. “Around the world the quality of wines has improved dramatically,” said Jon Genderson, owner of Schneider’s Wine Store in Washington DC. “This is especially true for kosher wines.”

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